After five years of living together and practically living in each other pockets. We have decided to open a blog, in which we will share our love for cooking with you.  Although we do a lot of things together, with both of our busy schedules, we sometimes find ourselves not seeing each other, or doing anything for days as a couple. So in some sort of way this blog is forcing us to meet in the middle somewhere, and no better way than to cook together.

A little bit about Liam and Emilie…(I will keep this short, and it seems strange to refer to myself in third person, but hey ho) We met five years ago in the little town that is loughborough, when Liam served me a drink and from there, we have lived in four different homes together, added two cats and a springer spaniel to our family and last Christmas, Liam decided to propose to me under the Christmas Tree. So it really is like any other modern romance story.

So, I hope I didn’t make our story too soppy! Liam probably has a completely different (more exaggerated version) of the story, but we will go with my version to keep our profile clean and free of expletives. Please feel free to browse our Instagram page for daily pictures of food updates and the occasional animal picture.

Thanks for visiting our page and we hope you enjoy the recipes,

Lots of love,

Emilie & Liam


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