Pudding pots for two please!

Good afternoon everyone!

So we’ve finally started uploading recipes to our new blog page! ( Not going to lie, we did just clap…) Anyway, because we are a couple of recipes behind, we thought we would upload the ones that were most requested by YOU! However, If there are any that we haven’t uploaded that you wanted the recipe for, please either comment below on this page or send us a message on our instagram page; @foodmadewithlove_

So lets dig in…

Todays recipe will feature the chai pudding pot with mixed berries and mixed seeds. This recipe is idiot proof (liam should know), so don’t worry, you are getting it right!


Serves 2

  1.   1/2 Cup of Chai seeds – These can be purchased mostly anywhere at the moment! I know when we first started making the pudding pots, they were significantly harder to get your hands on!
  2. 1/2 Cup of Almond Milk – You are able to use other milks, such as cows milk or rice milk- Almond milk gives it a nice nutty taste!
  3. 1 drop of vanilla essence, or a finely grated vanilla pod
  4. Optional – 1tsp of honey or vegan friendly maple syrup.
  1. Frozen berries
  2. Mixed Seeds and nuts
  3. Chai seeds
  4. Goji berries
  • Pour the Chai seeds and the almond milk into your bowl of choice. We used little mason Jars, as they are easier to store over night
  • Add in your vanilla essence and mix all of the above together. This is also where you would add your optional ingredients
  • Cover bowl or jar and place into the fridge for 6-12 hours
  • In the morning, add your toppings 

And your done! Chai seed pudding pots for one! These are such a great way of adding a low calorie, high protein snack or meal to your day. Plus they are super versatile. We also like to add apple and cinnamon to the chai seeds for that extra kick. They are also a great alternative to rice pudding! So get stuck in! http:/https://www.instagram.com/foodmadewithlove_/


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Me On Focus says:

    Looks very Yummi!!! Started to follow you guys on Instagram, your pic looks amazing. Sending hugs 🙂


    1. Hiya! We’ve just sen this! We hope you are still following us on instagram! Many thanks!


      1. Me On Focus says:

        Yes, and I’m very surprised about your transformation. Your diet and workout certainly works. Great job 🍀


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